Beyond Bio

Meeting Tomorrow's Challenges

See how combining the principles of precision engineering, statistical modeling, automation, and lean production is helping Intrexon power the next generation of bio based products.


Execute text based searches across hundreds of public and private data sources or select a parameterized query from a categorized list. Complex searches can be saved for later use. It is also possible to subscribe to saved searches and receive periodic updates.



Graphically create pathways from scratch or by modifying existing pathways using reaction and metabolite data.

Graphically build and order new single or multi-gene constructs from a library of existing parts. Import vector designs to automatically generate orders and plate layouts for primers and adapters that feed into our vector-build lab workflow.



View the completion status of project milestones, review shared documents, follow important announcements, and collaborate with Intrexon team members.

Accelerate discovery by specifying training data for prediction engines to create novel combinations of experiment variables with the highest chance to exceed targeted measurements in the training data. Design multi-variable experiments based on predictions to reduce the number of samples and iterations while increasing the predictive power of the results.



Our portal is jam packed with tutorials and help materials to enhance your user experience. For additional details and information about the BeyondBio system please feel free to Contact Us.